Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poem... To My Future Wife(The Re-Write)

To My Future Wife (The Re-write)
By: John L.
We gotta deeper connection than the core of this earth that we call home.
Far from a love poem… this is my love song.
But I can't sing so I won't dare kill your senses with senseless screamin'
I let my pen do the singin' and like semen my words race for the goal.
Impregnating your soul, so this is more than some me on top of you shit.
This is me and what I gotta do shit, the reason my sky is blue shit.
The reason why I love you shit. …
Sit… back on your thrown like a queen supposed to.
Chivalry's dead, than I must be a ghost too.
No judges when I court you. Just love and support boo.
Who better for me than thee?
I thank you daddy for his seed and yo momma for the weeks.
Nine months indeed it's been since you became more than a friend.
Man…I think I just discovered a gem.
Something worth more than a diamond, priceless, that I can't afford
So having you is like a gift from the lord.
Some wish upon stars while stars seem to wish upon you.
You're much greater. You're not even the moon.
You're not that flower that most dudes come compare you to. Much greater.
Let other girls be those flowers baby… you're nature.
You're everything I need. The air that I breathe,
The blood that I bleed, I'm Spider-Man you're Mary Jane to me…
Kirsten D. couldn't even play the role you play in my life.
You're not my girlfriend shit you more like a wife.
And I ain't even put a ring on yo finger yet…
First- comes- love… So I'm guessing marriage next.
A lifetime of years left, I'm with you past the years we get old
If you was bread I just want be the mold.
Everything glitter ain't gold, their right, the saying is true.
Cuz if it glitters it just might be you.