Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poem... Tryin to Ruin My Meal

by: John L.
so she confessed to all the lyin' and cheatin'...
man she could've saved that...
why she had to tell me while i was eatin'?
Tryin to ruin my meal...I picked my plate up and when outside...
Baby wait! Are you okay? Please don't cry.
What makes her think i'm gonna cry over stupidity?
she gonna be the one crying when i finish eatin.
i can't believe this bi.
na... i aint gone call her that.
cuz she ain't worth it. I ain't goin' out like my dad.
fa real i'm mad... but at the same time i expected it.
She showed me all the signs too... I just neglected them...
goin out all the time. all these wierd calls.
Can you BELIEVE! she had the nerve to say it was my dog?
Gotta get even, what I'm thinkin, but with who first?
I always chose her over friends so she'll get it WORST!
my foods gettin cold let me hurry up and eat.
Wait a minute... I bet she fucked em in my sheets.
That fuckin creep. Not only friends we was like BROTHERS!
before she died... i looked at his mom just like a mother.
Paid for her funeral and all. He still owe me money.
i can't believe his Winnie the Pooh ass stealing honey...
I should... na... Calm down John. you not a killer...
Keep eatin your food. that's right... finish your chicken.
Lord please forgive me. cuz right now I'm thinkin' evil thoughts.
Man... FUCK! did you see that ring that I just bought.
And the car... We just came home from Italy.
o my god... They both tried to belittle me.
Na i'm really pissed off the food I have cold.
I'm bout to go in there and give her a piece of my mind.
neva mind i'm a warm this up and I'll be fine.