Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So Lonely

Man I’m so lonely.

At least that’s how I feel sometimes before I go to sleep.

Nobody lying next to me

Not saying it’s a need.

But want something to bad it begins to be a need…

Sometimes I want to pack it up and leave…

This is not the place for me!

Too many bad memories!

I done scraped all of my knees!

Praying she’d come back to me!

My baby!

Driving me crazy!

I can’t see!

My lady!

Loving the man that had replaced me!

Got an ice box where my heart used to be.

Can somebody help please?

Warm me up a few degrees

Man I’d bleed…

If it would mean

That things wouldn’t seem the way they seem

So maybe I can write some better things…

Can’t write poetically

When you’re having all these dreams

All these dreams…

You telling me we wasn’t meant to be

Man I scream!

Cuz that’s some shit that I just won’t believe

I think it’s all a scheme

The devil’s tryin to get to me..

A big conspiracy

Man they trying to finish me

But I’m waiting patiently

Better days I shall receive

Where I no longer will grieve

And my grass returns to green…

Man I can’t wait to see

My depression rest in peace…


  • jWaLk. said...

    that was so inspirational
    i really felt that piece
    i can honestly say that I feel that same way sometimes..all the time
    && it's not like...doubting someone you don't want to be with if you were with a replacement..or just not with that person
    but i learned that those things get tricky....dreaming, yeah it's hard to write when I'm trapped
    but I can go on with this..,
    I'll jus write a poem
    just as you did

    much love