Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feature Poet Of The Week Jennifer "Lady Poet" Martinez

Wazzup World, The Very first Poet of the Week Is the extraordinary poet Jennifer Martinez

Short Bio:
My guidance counselor also known as my baseball coach introduced me to poetry at the age of 12. I won first prize in a contest that he had entered me in and it was clear that my journey of writing had just begun. After two years, I learned that my guidance counselor had passed away from cancer and I had stopped writing. Exactly one year from his passing, I wrote a poem dedicated to him and began writing poetry once again. I still suffer from his loss but know that he is smiling down on me for continuing to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.

Selected Poems

Dear Mr. Cabrera:

It's raining outside
and similar to the floor being wet
my face could not dry
it's killing me inside
you told me you were here for me
but I knew that you lied
So I continue to cry
How could you leave me
without saying goodbye?
How could you crush my heart
and take with you, my pride
You told me to try
but now I am alone
when only you I could confide
It killed me when you died!

I’m that Nigga

I told him I knew what he was up to

Except, I was better at the game

He thought I was joking when I flipped the script

Now he's laying down, crying my name

He tried to play me like I was a fool

I already knew what he was up to

I never loved him to begin with

I showed him, what a real playa could do

I emptied his pockets, pulled down his pride

Left him alone to hang out at night

Called every few days, I wasn't stressin

Walked out the door to the next nigga to mess with

I pawned what he bought me without a thought

Pulled out a lesson, this one can't be taught

Came back home when I felt like I had to

I didn't come back for you, I had to use the restroom

Packed up some clothes, made some calls

ten minutes later, right back out the door

Made you pay the bills, my attitude was fuck it

You still felt like without me, you wasn't nothing

You told me you loved me, I didn't understand

How can you love someone that makes you feel less of a man?

Made me a copy of the keys to the house

Talked real slick and outta my mouth

Slapped you around when you got me upset

Told you I was sorry and said my regrets

Still walked around like you was nothing to stress

Got bored with the nigga, so I took my shit and left

Guess Who

When he first came into my life
I had to gasp to breathe
Because everything he did
Was so damn cute to me

I had to make adjustments
To my new life with him
My nights felt so much better
The light, no longer dim

I felt so overwhelmed
With a boost of pride
And every time he felt lonely
I was right there by his side

I realized it will never be the same
But he's always my number one
This person that I speak about
Happens to be my son!!

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