Monday, September 7, 2009

Artist Feature: Poetess Janine Breaux

~Still His Children~

Exposing a glimpse through
Most of our struggles are unjustified but justifiably true
Sitting back watching as those materially superior pollute
My Father’s children who are so far gone they forget the gifts they’ve been given to use.

White teez, reez and can’t forget girbaud jeans; I grow
Admiration for a thug who allowed knowledge and Father’s grace to seep through, revealing his soul’s thrust for actuality and truth
This world isn’t meant for you to be swallowed and chewed But for strength to be your stool, praise Him through your tears and all wounds
Not allowing your temptations to make you the enemies’ fool
Concept never really easy to take to
Concrete walls generationally built to physically and mentally contain you
Keeping you down to the point of bunched up crabs you are viewed
Crescent shaped bowl you are stewed
Internally sucking life out of those around you
Starting with his grandmother you sold crack to
Viewing yourself to be so real, the epitome of cool
Luping Fiascolly through school but yet you have a point to prove
Using other’s weakness for your latter step tool
Sweety, Elevation starts within you!
Claim the role you are suppose to hold & Take heed to your Father’s voice, cuz if not you’ll set yourself up for eternal swim it that cesspool of souls!!!

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  • Meek said...

    *snaps* LOVE ITT!!