Monday, March 8, 2010

Download “I Am Poetry”



Intro    6:14     

Rodney's Intro    0:34     

I Am Poetry    1:17   

Beavis & Butthead Skit    0:43   

This Poem Is Dedicated To You    2:14        

Phone Call Interuption By Tig   0:52   

Dreamin    2:40   

I wanna have sex with you    1:59   

Tig's Interuption    0:19   

Love Rollercoaster    1:53   

Guilty Concious    1:52     

Don't Be A Menace Skit    0:21    

The Most High    4:39        

Feel My Pain A Homeless Story    3:19       

Pshychotic    2:24   

Rodney Interlude    0:37         

To my future wife    1:29      

Tig Interupts again    0:34    

I Gotta Be Like That    1:35      

All On Me    1:17          

Ms.Yesterday    1:47          

The Tease    2:17     

I Just wanna  Ft. Dappa  3:58          

Tig's Interlude    0:34         

Decleration of Inde PEN Dance    1:42       

Outro    5:40      


“I Am Poetry” Is A Spoken Word Album by poet John Lacarbiere III… It Features several different poems dealing with love, anger, sex, relationships, and religion… Basically Real life situations… Over smooth jazz,hip hop, acoustic, and metal tracks… All Original…

Download Here: I Am Poetry