Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Saw her at the bar
Shorty body was the nicest
Way she stared at me
Couldn’t tell me she ain’t like me…
So I stepped to her.
Can I buy you a drink?
Gave me that look like man what do you think…
So I ordered that Ciroc
Had it cut with some cranberry
Baby look good
Swear she had everyman starin’
Ass phat
Tits right
Body like a porn star
Thick with it too
Like her momma fed her corn starch…
So I asked her name
And she said your wildest fantasy.
Flirtin’ real hard
I swear she could get it annually…
Actually her name was Christina
Tatted on her back
All I could think about was how I could be hittin’ that…
Asked her for the number
Couldn’t get it at the moment
So I asked why?
She said you’ll get it in the morning…
That struck a nerve
I started thinkin’ really could it be
Said take her home
I didn’t hesitate to grab my keys….
We hit the road she started kissin’ on my neck.
I told her chill before I wreck.
So then her hands went down my pants.
What happened next had me driven bout 4 miles per hours.
It felt so good I thought I could be driven miles for hours…
Get to her house
She picked her head up
Lead me to the door.
Threw all her clothes straight to the floor
Then said give her more…
Without patience
Stripped me naked
Decided to take it
She had me makin’ faces that I wasn’t used to makin’…
Had to take control cuz I ain’t wanna cum too quickly
She said hit me
I tapped her on the ass gently
She said harder
So harder I did it
Threw it back
I couldn’t miss it
Shorty fucked me like she with me…
After we finished
She kissed me
And said I’ll see you later.
I said later.
Hopefully that it be soon not later…

I saw him at the club
Flirted with him
It was easy
Lookin’ real cute
Outfit outta BeBe…
Knew it when he seen me
I could tell he liked me
Got him to buy drinks
He didn’t care about the prices…
Sippin’ on Ciroc and cranberry had me feelin right
At that point I didn’t care who took me home the night…
But I kept flirtin’ with him
Strokin’ daddy ego…
The way he was starin’ I could tell that he would need more…
Told him take me home
And we left the club instantly…
Can’t tell me shit
I’ma the muhfuckin’ pimpin queen…
Got in his car started kissin on his neck
I could tell he wanted sex
So my hand went down his pants.
I pulled it out
And started suckin’ just a lil bit.
Didn’t want to give him too much to make him spill quick.
Get to my house I had him screamin’ like a lil bitch.
Then he went to take over.
I ain’t feel shit...
I said harder
So harder he went…
Yea I felt a lil bit
So I backed up on it…
He couldn’t take it
Started shakin…
Like the ground was earth quaking…
I did a lil fakin’
Helped release his babies…
Kissed him
Told him see you later.
What he don’t know I played him.
I only one night um’
I don’t try to save um’